Mesa Ceramic Coatings Specialists

  • Tier 1 Certified Feylab USA Installers
  • Single Layer Coatings With 5 Year Warranty
  • Self-Healing Coatings With 5-7 Year Warranty
  • Enhanced Gloss & Shine

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What Is A Ceramic Coating

As a team of experienced Mesa ceramic coating specialists, Arizona Ceramic Coating has worked extensively with all the major brands in the industry today. Each product offers different benefits with a varying degree of quality and performance. We can vouch that of all the professional grade products, Feynlab USA is the only truly reliable ceramic coating.

  • Self-Cleaning Ability
  • Extreme Thick, High Gloss
  • Durable Barrier Against UV Rays, Environment, and Chemicals
What Is A Ceramic Coating comparison
Certified Professional Auto Ceramic Coating Installers Near Mesa

Certified Auto Ceramic Coating Installers Near Mesa

Climate Controlled Facility

Climate Controlled Facility

Ceramic Coating Process & Preparation Near Mesa

Ceramic Coatings Are Available For:

  • Paint
  • Glass
  • Plastic/trim
  • Wheels/calipers
  • Vinyl Wraps & PPF
  • Leather/Textile/upholstery

The key to success in a flawless Mesa ceramic coating application is in the meticulous preparation process beforehand. Our team of experts at Arizona Ceramic Coatings spend hours carefully preparing every surface of your vehicle before skillfully applying the ceramic coating, to ensure a total and complete bond with the factory paint.

Through a multi-phase decontamination wash, synthetic clay treatment, wipe down, paint color correction, and imperfection leveling process, we ensure your vehicle is ready for application. As an exclusively certified top-tier Feynlab shop in Arizona, we offer the full range of coatings available for any vehicle.

FEYNLAB Products & Certified Professional Installers Near Mesa

1 Wash Paint decon

2 Paint Correction

3 Paint prep/decon

4 Coat

5 Level

6 *IR Cure

Ceramic Exterior & Interior Treatments Near Mesa

Protect & Enhance All Your Auto Looks
Professional FEYNLAB Ceramic Exterior & Interior Installers

Feynlab USA ceramic coatings are designed to protect and enhance every inch of your vehicle, exterior and interior, for everyday protection against wear and tear, weather elements, UV rays, harsh road chemicals, and debris. As meticulous Mesa car detailing experts and industry certified installers, Arizona Ceramic Coatings can be trusted with providing the superior protection your vehicle deserves with five-star treatment from start to finish.

Mesa’s Best Car Ceramic Coating Facility

With incredible self-healing properties, our ceramic coating solutions create a durable extra layer of protection between your vehicle and the outside world. You will experience ultimate UV and heat protection, along with scratch resistant, self-healing benefits that keep your vehicle looking as clean, fresh, and smooth as the day it was brand new. No more problems with scratches, chips, and other damage from road debris!

Ceramic Coating Features & Benefits

High Heat Resistance

In Arizona, resistance to heat is an essential piece of extending the lifetime of your vehicle. Whether it is heat from the sun, asphalt, or car operation, your vehicle will receive ultimate protection from our brand certified ceramic coating installers.

Installing Ceramic Coatings For High Heat Resistance Near Mesa
Ceramic Coatings Providing Enhanced Gloss & Depth Near Mesa

Enhanced Gloss & Depth

At Arizona Cerami Coatings, your car can receive enhanced gloss and depth for improved color and unmatched strength against the elements. Speak with our skilled mechanics today to learn more about ceramic coatings from Feynlab USA!

Chemical Resistance

Another benefit of a high-quality ceramic coating application is the superior protection against harsh road chemicals and contaminants that typically damage your vehicle’s exterior. With self-healing properties, your car will be well-protected for years to come.

Ceramic Resistance Providing Chemical Resistance Near Mesa
Ceramic Coatings Provide Industry Leading UV Resistance Near Mesa

Industry Leading UV Resistance

Especially living in Arizona, UV resistance is a crucial aspect of your vehicle’s wellbeing, as the intense sunlight can strain your vehicle’s factory coat and cause irreversible damage. Our ceramic coating solutions in Mesa are ready to help!

Hydrophobic/Slick, Less Porous/Easier To Clean/Less Maintenance

Our Team

Brenan and Josh, the owners and brilliant minds behind Arizona Ceramic Coatings, are avid car enthusiasts and strive for perfection with every vehicle. Through their pristine facility, state-of-the-art equipment, and love for cars, Brenan and Josh are committed to utilizing only the highest quality, tried and true products for your vehicle.

Contact Arizona Ceramic Coatings today to learn more about their experience and dedication to immaculate, reliable detailing and ceramic coating services, along with excellent customer service and integrity.

Meet the Team at Auto Ceramic Coating Near Mesa
Tour Our Facility Near Mesa

Workshop Tour

At Arizona Ceramic Coatings, our commitment to excellence and pristine organization is closely reflected in our workspace. Along with being a functional detailing workshop, the space displays a featured vehicle of the week, friendly staff, and well-organized equipment. Call us today to schedule your personal workshop tour!


Self-Healing Ceramic Coatings
Reduce Swirls & Light Scratches.

Ceramic Coating Specialists.
Weatherproof & Harden Your Clear Coat.

Correction. Protection. Reflection.
Paint Correction | Ceramic Coatings
| Clear Bra Film


As a top-rated Mesa auto ceramic coatings shop, Arizona Ceramic Coatings is committed to providing your vehicle the top-notch treatment it deserves. Each of our mechanics carries a passion for cars, is detail-oriented, and leaves no stone unturned in our process of making your car sleek and clean. Visit our reviews page to see what else our customers are saying!

I highly recommend!!! Brenan and his crew were very professional, knowledgeable and walked me through everything,before and after. My Mercedes looks amazing!!! I’ll never go through another car wash ever again. Thanks guys and I look forward to getting my monthly car wash!.

Stephanie Campbell ★★★★★

Brenan is the best! He responded so quickly to my message and got us in right away! After reading other reviews I have to agree 100%, his attention to detail is incredible and my car looked better than the day I bought it! We will be customers for life!

Joe Watt ★★★★★

After my long commute I stopped by & Brenan was kind enough to fit the work I needed on my car in after regular hours. The work they performed turned out fabulous, I highly recommend B’s Wax. They definitely take pride in their work. Thank you

Gloria Vigil ★★★★★

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