The Negative Effects Of DIY Ceramic Coating Products

As the overwhelming popularity of ceramic coatings continues to skyrocket across the nation, professional automotive detailers and certified installers warn against some of the shady marketing tactics being used to mislead consumers into purchasing low quality ceramic products that can cause damage to your vehicle, many of which don’t even contain ceramic properties at all. 

We have all seen it, the viral videos of water graciously beading off of supercars leaving a totally dry and spotless exterior along with “washing” your vehicle with a simple air compressor that effortlessly blows off dust and debris leaving a sparkling clean and shiny exterior. To the extreme we see ceramic coating brands advertising paint “protection” with the application of their “ceramic” product. For some Arizona Ceramic Coating manufacturers, these benefits are absolutely legitimate, and provide true hydrophobic properties and UV ray protection, but for many this is not the case. 

The Negative Effects Of DIY Ceramic Coating Products in Arizona

White Labeled Ceramic Products Can Become A DIY’ers Nightmare

With the massive popularity of ceramic coatings increasing every day, many businesses are using practices that mislead consumers as to what a ceramic coating really is and the benefits they provide. A true ceramic coating installed by the pro auto detailers at Arizona Ceramic Coatings will last for five years or longer and will provide a host of benefits including hydrophobic properties for the elimination of water spots and ease of cleaning, extreme gloss or shine enhancement, will seal the factory clear coat and eliminate the need to wax or polish the vehicle, and most importantly provide fantastic UV ray protection which is needed here in Mesa, Arizona. 

Our professional detailers have tested hundreds of different ceramic products and out of our rigorous testing, FEYNLAB ceramic products have proven to be the most effective and longest lasting brand of ceramic coating time and time again. 

However, properly applying FEYNLAB ceramic products should not be taken lightly. Our team of professional auto detailers here in Mesa, AZ have all been through  FEYNLAB’S rigorous certification process. 

Prior to applying FEYNLAB ceramic coatings, our professional auto detailers complete a multi step chemical decontamination of the vehicle, a synthetic clay bar exfoliation treatment, and a multi stage color refining machine polish that must be completed properly for optimal bonding of the ceramic coating and longevity. 

This meticulous process must be completed properly and takes many years of experience to become proficient. This is where the dangers of white labeled  DIY “Ceramic” products become dangerous and damaging. 

Many of these white labeled products advertise that all you have to do is wash your car before applying their brand of ceramic coating. The truth is, ceramic coatings have nothing to bond to when a full paint correction treatment is not completed. When simply adding a “Ceramic” product to the top of your factory clear coat, there is nothing for the coating to bond to. Although you may enjoy a brief spout of hydrophobic properties over a few days. The ceramic coating will fade and wash away with ease. 

With all of this being said, that is assuming that the ceramic coating brand you have chosen has ceramic in it. Our pro detailers have found that many “ceramic” sprays and coatings don’t even contain any ceramic properties and are simply just a detail spray or contain wax. Even drive thru car washes are advertising “ceramic” sealant as an option. By simply dumping soap on a vehicle that may have ceramic properties in it, is a scam. Our professional detailers and certified ceramic coating installers recommend that you visit our shop located in Mesa, Arizona so they can walk you through the steps of an actual ceramic coating being applied in person. 

The pro detailers in Mesa, Arizona hope to inform consumers of the falsified effects that cheap ceramic products with a fancy label can cause. Some of these products trying to “simulate” ceramic effects can degrade your clear coat, won’t provide UV protection, and can lead DIYers to try paint correction themselves which can strip and completely remove the paint.

Leave it to the Arizona ceramic coating professionals and don’t let fancy marketing and “Instant Ceramic Coatings” fool you. A true ceramic coating should be taken as seriously as repainting your vehicle because that’s the damage improper application can cause, and most DIYers would never try to repaint their own vehicle. Contact us at Arizona Ceramic Coatings to help you install your coating properly & give your vehicle the professional care it deserves. 


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