FEYNLAB Certified Ceramic Coating Installers Share a Step By Step Guide To Ceramic Coating Preparations

Do you want to protect your new car with a ceramic coating but don’t know where to go? If you are struggling with investing in ceramic products, then it’s time for you to trust the certified ceramic coating installers at Arizona Ceramic Coatings in Mesa.

A car owner should have a FEYNLAB ceramic coating installed for numerous reasons (for example, enhanced gloss, hydrophobic properties or protection against Arizona’s damaging UV rays). Regardless of the intention, it’s always good to understand the benefits of ceramic coatings and the proper application process to install them.

These are the steps our certified ceramic coating installers follow to prepare your car properly.

Preparing a car for ceramic coatings in Arizona

Multi-Step Chemical Decontamination Of The Surface Of The Car

The surface of your car must be cleaned and free of chemicals, dust, contaminates and paint defects. Our experienced ceramic coating team works carefully to decontaminate the vehicle with a multi step chemical decontamination hand wash.

Next, we complete a synthetic clay bar exfoliating treatment. This treatment exfoliates the vehicle’s clear coat and further prepares the vehicle’s surface for the ceramic coating application.

Do not try to decontaminate your car at home. It’s better to leave this job to the certified auto detailers in Arizona because we have the correct equipment, chemicals and experience to complete this process properly. You can cause damage to your clear coat and factory paint by incorrectly using harsh chemicals and not following proper procedures.

Detailed Auto Paint Correction

Paint correction is crucial to remove surface defects, refine the color of the paint and enhance the vehicle’s gloss before sealing the clear coat with ceramic coating. This process is also known as machine polishing, and it is essential for proper adhesion of the ceramic coating since it creates a molecular bond between the factory clear coat and ceramic coating.

This is a challenging and meticulous process because if you cut too hard, you can remove the clear coat and severely damage the factory paint. For our team of pro detailers, they have had thousands of hours of experience and know the proper equipment, grit levels, pressure, and processes to complete the job flawlessly, but for DIY enthusiasts not so much, so we recommend you to leave this job only to professionals.

There are more than 40-unique mixes of polishing compounds, each one with different results or benefits depending on the condition of the vehicle’s paint, clear coat, and color.

Keep in mind that our auto detailers have different processes for different colors of paint and levels of paint thickness. They use specialized equipment and lighting to complete the process properly. Trying to complete the paint correction process without the proper equipment, compounds, lighting and experience can lead to tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage to your vehicle so we recommend leaving it to the certified paint correction professionals at AZ Auto Aesthetics!

Coatings Curing & Application Methods

Once the prep work is done, your car is ready to receive the ceramic coating. Each coating has different curing and application methods. In other words, the application will vary depending on the product used and the result you want. From interior to exterior applications, plastic trim, windows, and overcoat, there are multiple types of ceramic coatings and curing processes within the different application locations.

After completing the paint correction and ceramic coating application, our professional auto detailers allow proper curing and drying time. This process consists of allowing the ceramic coating to harden without any disturbances in the curing process. Humidity, wind, temperature, dust, pollutants and other ambient factors affect how a ceramic coating hardens, which is why it is best to have this service completed in a state of the art facility with proper air purification, ventilation, lighting, and temperatures at Arizona Ceramic Coatings.

Layers & Heat Curing For Long Lasting Protection.

Depending on the results you are looking for out of your ceramic coating, extra layers of coating called overcoat may be applied. The certified ceramic coating installer will apply it similarly to the primary coat. Ceramic overcoat will further enhance the benefits of your ceramic coating such as extreme gloss enhancement, ultimate UV ray protection and additional hydrophobic properties for water beading and ease of cleaning.

After layering the ceramic coating, the vehicle may receive an infrared heat treatment to stimulate the active components and achieve proper adhesion. Our certified Arizona auto detailers know exactly how much time is necessary for baking.

This process is based on using the infrared heat-lamp method, where heat increases up to 150-degrees to speed up the curing process and leaves a shiny and uniform surface.

Our FEYNLAB certified ceramic coating installers will instruct you on how to properly take care of your newly installed ceramic coating and best practices.

This is a huge advantage when contacting Arizona Ceramic Coatings, because, with a DIY process, you may not know how to properly take care of your ceramic coating and in turn will diminish its benefits and effectiveness prematurely.

Call Top-Rated Arizona Ceramic Coating Specialists

The steps you read above are the ones that Arizona Ceramic Coatings Certified Installers respect and strictly follow. We offer ceramic exterior and interior treatments to give your car the best protection against damaging elements like damaging UV rays and water spots.

The team at Arizona Ceramic Coatings carefully preps the surfaces of your car to ensure that the coating is applied properly. Besides, we are proudly exclusive as the top-rated FEYNLAB certified ceramic coating shop in Arizona. Contact us now to quote your vehicle!


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